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Data Science skills needed by people and businesses are constantly changing. The language of data is universal and getting a helping hand in understanding it, is essential. With Data Science Malta, you learn data science today and apply it tomorrow.

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Why Data Science Malta?

We allow you to be hands on.
Our classes are small, allowing for individual attention to your queries.

Coding and analytics are essential

Watching someone just preach the theory is not what you want next.

At Data Science Malta, you will be provided with multiple case studies, scenarios and coding opportunities. 

At each step of your journey, you'll be asked to apply what you're learning by writing code, and your answers are checked instantly to make sure you're on the right track.

Throughout this path, you'll go from writing basic Python snippets like for loops to working with popular data science packages like pandas and scikit-learn.

And as you do it all, you'll be working with real-world data to solve real data science problems. 

Real Data
Coding Skills
Mathematics Skills

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